I've enjoyed the opportunity to work on many challenging and impactful projects during my career and during college. Here are some my favorites.

Microsoft Office

Activity Feed

When working on group projects, I often find it difficult to know whether anyone made changes while I was away. Many friends and customers feel similarly. Learning from this feedback, I defined a long-term vision for helping people catch up with changes and shipped an in-document Activity Feed to start enabling people to see what has happened in their documents.

We shipped the activity feed as part of an effort to bring collaboration to the forefront of Office 2016. Take a look at the blog post.

Version History

Prior to the activity feed, I designed, spec'd, and shipped a new cross-platform, cross-device Word, Excel, and PowerPoint version history feature to increase user confidence when authoring documents. History is extremely helpful when collaborating with teammates because you have the comfort of knowing your and everyone else's changes are available in a previous version. Go ahead and try it out on Windows desktop, Windows mobile, and Android devices.

Take a look at the blog post when we first brought History to Office 2016.

Auto-Save UI

I also introduced new auto-save UI for mobile Office apps to teach people about auto-save and make them aware of whether their changes had been successfully saved to the cloud or their device.

Special Projects


During my fourth year of college, I worked on a group project to develop a web platform for users of the nonprofit organization, giv2giv, to make and monitor micro-endowment donations to charities of their choice. The application utilized a CakePHP framework with a MySQL database backend. My primary focus was on integrating with both Dwolla and PayPal payment APIs to enable donation transactions between donors, giv2giv, and charitable organizations.

Here are some related documents: technical paper, user manual, programming reference.


I also spent a January term abroad in Mendoza, Argentina where my team and I served as consultants for a boutique vineyard's HR department. We worked closely with the vineyard to understand their pain points and we analyzed their current manual processes to identify opportunities to improve their HR system's efficiency. As part of the group, I built a web-based Human Resource management system to replace their paper-based system. This solution enabled our customer to find, add, and update their records in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

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